Iron County Court House logo

Sheriff’s Office


Sheriff: Ryan Boehmke

Undersheriff: Robert Reid

Ryan Boehmke

Administrative Office

2 South Sixth Street, Suite 18
Crystal Falls, MI 49920

(906) 875-0650

The office of the Iron County, Michigan Sheriff serves 13,138 citizens who reside within its 1,186 square mile radius. The Office is located on the west end of the Iron County Courthouse Complex in Crystal Falls, Michigan and is open 24 hours, seven days a week.


County-wide Emergency: 911

Sheriff Emergency: 906-875-6669

Sheriff Office: 906-875-0650

Correctional Facility: 906-875-0651

Kitchen: 906-875-0645

Sheriff Officers and Deputies:

      • Lt. Dale Anderson, Jail Administrator
      • April Anderson, Administrative Assistant
      • Deputy Brent Benson, Crime Scene Tech, Firearms Instructor
      • Deputy Adam Schiavo, Dare Officer
      • Deputy Michael Mansell, Child Safety Seat Coordinator, 416 Road Patrol, Life Tracker
      • Deputy Michael Tulppo
      • Deputy Brent Steinbrecher¬†
      • Deputy Jacob Cherney, Animal Control Officer, 416 Road Patrol
      • Deputy Douglas Weesner, School Resource Officer (WIC)
      • Deputy Michael Webster, O.R.V.-Snowmobile/Marine Patrol
      • Deputy Abe Varoni, Part Time
      • Deputy David Painter, Part Time