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Airport Manager

Krist Atanasoff
303 Selden Road
Iron River, MI 49935

Assistant Airport Manager

Stambaugh Airport

Charles Christensen
135 Gibbs City Road
Iron River, MI 49935

The Iron County Airport System consists of two airports. The Iron County Airport located on Horserace Rapids Road in Crystal Falls, Michigan and Stambaugh Airport located on Garfield Avenue in Iron River, Michigan

The Iron County Airport is closed from December 1st to April 2nd.

The Iron County Airport can accommodate single and twin planes. The Stambaugh Airport can accommodate single and light twin planes.

Private hangars have been built at both facilities and a lease fee per square foot is charged on an annual basis by the Iron County Board of Commissioners. There is room available for additional hangars at both locations.

Applicable pages from the Michigan Bureau of Aeronautics describing each of the airports follow.

The Airport Manager cautions that you look out for deer and turkeys on the runway and approach ways.