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Michigan Notary Public Application Process

1. The applicant must complete the Notary application from the Secretary of State (you can download an application at or the County Clerk’s office), and acquire a surety bond in the sum of $10,000 from a surety licensed to do business in this state. The application shall include the following: applicant’s legal name; name as they wish to be commissioned; a declaration of US citizenship; residence and business address and telephone numbers; date of birth; driver license number of personal identification number; a statement showing whether the applicant has applied for a previous appointment; a statement describing any previous felony convictions with the last 10 years; an afffirmation by the applicant that the application is correct and that they have read the act; and will perform his/her notarial acts faithfully.

2. The applicant must file with the county clerk of his or her residence residence or expected appointment a proper surety bond and pay a fee.

3. The county clerk shall collect a $10 filing fee and administer an oath as required by the constitution

4. The county clerk shall verify of the bond, administer the Oath as required by the constitution, and affix the county seal to the application.

5. The applicant shall submit the county approved application to the Secretary of State, along with the $10 application fee.

6. The Office of the Great Seal within the Secretary of State shall review the application and may conduct a background check.

7. The Secretary of State approves or denies the application after a review of the application, payment of the proper fee, and results of any background investigation.

8. When the Secretary of State approves an application, the applicant receives their Notary Commission by mail. If it is denied, the applicant receives a denial letter by mail.