Iron County Clerk

The Michigan Constitution provides that the voters of each county shall elect a Clerk on a partisan basis every four years.

The County Clerk’s duties are prescribed by law, and include being the Clerk of the Circuit Court, of the Iron County Board of Commissioners, the Board of Canvassers, the County Election Commission, the Election Scheduling Committee, Register of Vital Records and Chief Election Officer.

The County Clerk also has the care and custody of the county seal, all records, books and papers pertaining to the office. The Clerk also files and records all civil, criminal and divorce proceedings under the Court’s direction. In addition, the Clerk maintains birth and death records, assumed business names and partnership records, concealed weapon permits, veterans’ discharge records, marriage licenses and notary public licenses. The Clerk also serves as the chief election official by presiding over every election held within the county. 

Julie Kezerle was appointed to the combined County Clerk/Register of Deeds effective June 1, 2019.  Julie was then elected by the voters of Iron County in November of 2020 for a four year term beginning, January 2021.  Julie now assumes overseeing both offices.

Amy Donati, Deputy Clerk and Jordyn Grell the Accounting Clerk handle accounts payable, vital records, court documents, along with other duties. Deputy Clerks can also assume the duties of the County Clerk in her absence.

This office welcomes, at all times, the opportunity to be of service to the people of this county. We are your employees.