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Electrical Inspection

The electrical inspector, Scott Doda, is present Tuesdays at 8:00am.  After the electrical permit is obtained by submitting the form (link below) and payment to the Construction Code office, an inspection can be scheduled with the inspector by calling (906) 875-0607 and leaving a message anytime during the week for him.  Please include the permit number, name, location, type of inspection, and a contact number that you can be reached at.

Electrical Permit

Solar Array Application

*Please note that we submit an approval form to the electrical service providers AFTER the inspection is completed and service is approved.  Our office DOES NOT contact the electrical providers when a permit is obtained so please notify your electrical provider as they will not know unless you call.

Electrical Service Providers

City of Crystal Falls: (906) 875-3212

UPPCO: (800) 562-7680

WE-Energies: (800) 242-9137