Band Camp 2023

We regret to inform you that we are postponing the Iron County Band Camp schedule for the summer of 2022, but we look forward to seeing all of our band campers back in 2023.

* We cannot operate our traditional band camp program this year and adhere to the current health and safety guidelines set by the CDC for summer camps.

Parent Information Camper Concert Day


All items must be picked up between 1:30-5:00 pm. All cabins and camp will be locked from 6 pm Saturday until 3 pm Sunday.

Band Camp Concert

7:30 pm (central time)

Youth  Camp Address

Camper’s Name – Cabin Number
Iron County Youth Camp
909 Pentoga Trail
Crystal Falls, MI  49920

***Packages containing food will be held until pick up on Saturday***

Place to Eat

Riverside Pizzeria – 98 E Genesee St. Iron River, MI 49935
Kermit’s Pizza Pub & Grill – 500 Washington Ave, Iron River, MI 49935
Mr. T’s – 3599 US-2, Iron River, MI 49935
Zippidy Duda – 202 W Genesee St. Iron River, Mi 49935

Things to Do

Apple Blossom Trail & Heritage Trail in Caspian, MI across from the Iron County Museum.
Iron County Historical Museum – 100 Brady Ave., Caspian, MI 49915
Pentoga Park – 1630 Co Rd. 424, Crystal Falls, MI  49935

How to Register for Band Camp

Get your Registration Form for 2022 by writing:
Iron County Youth Camp
909 Pentoga Trail
Crystal Falls, MI 49920

or Phone: 906-265-4476
or Email:

Forms may be requested at any time for the 2022 Band Camp. Forms will be mailed March 1st.

All application forms or additional information can be obtained from the Youth Camp office by contacting: 906-265-4476 or by emailing:

Band Camp Cost

The total weekly charge for a Band Camper who is a PERMANENT RESIDENT of Iron County is $150 for the week.

The total weekly charge for a Band Camper who is NOT A PERMANENT RESIDENT of Iron County is $325 for the week.

Band Camp Important Information

Regulations: Camper are NOT permitted to bring into camp or possess any cigarettes, alcohol, or drugs of any kind. If there is possession of any of the above, the camper will be asked to leave camp. Prescription and Over the Counter medications must be in original containers (in ziplock bag with camper’s name on containers and bag). These will be given to the camp nurse at the time of registration and kept in the camp dispensary and administered by the camp nurse. Campers are NOT permitted to bring into camp or possess cell phones, beepers, or any electronic devices. Only disposable cameras are allowed in camp. Campers are NOT permitted to drive themselves or leave a vehicle at camp. Dogs and pets are not allowed on camp property. If you bring a pet to camp, your pet must remain in your vehicle.

If you wish to correspond with anyone at the Youth Camp during the time camp is in operation, send mail to the following address: Camper’s Name and Cabin Number, Iron County Youth Camp, 909 Pentoga Trail, Crystal Falls, MI 49920

Questions: if there are any questions prior to camp, contact your local band instructor or Brian Schulz. Phone 906-265-4476 or EMAIL:

Return your application as soon as possible.

​Camper and parents must sign the back of the application form.

Registration: All band students making application to attend the 2022 Band Camp must complete the application form and health form and return it to your local band instructor or mail to: Brian Schulze, 909 Pentoga Trail, Crystal Falls, MI 49920. Application forms may be obtained from your local band director or from: Brian Schulze (address above) Phone: 906-265-4476 or email:

Acceptance: Determined by the instrument played, grade, and the post date on your returned application. All accepted students (notified by the self-addressed return post card) should arrive at camp and register between 2:00 PM and 5:00 PM on Sunday, June 19th. Campers may begin moving into their cabins during this time (Central Time). A letter will notify students not accepted.

Health Examination: The Health Examination Record (attached to your application form) is required. It should be filled out to the best of your ability. A physical examination by a physician is not required. Please notify the Youth Camp Administration if the camper has had any contagious disease during the three-week period previous to June 19, 2022. Return this health examination form with your registration form to: Brian Schulze, 909 Pentoga Trail, Crystal Falls, 49920. Campers should send the completed health form with their registration form (health form is supplied with registration materials). A parent or guardian must sign this health form.

Music, Instruments, and Related Materials to Bring: Bring your instrument or instruments and percussionists please bring your own mallets, etc. For student who have written music or arranged music, special classes will be offered. Please bring your compositions with you. All students must bring a piece of music (of your choice) for audition.

*7th and 8th graders will play in the Gama Band. 10th, 11th, and 12th graders will play in the Bata Band. 9th graders will play in either the Gama or the Bata Band depending on instrumentation.

Clothing and Personnel Items to Bring: Girls will need a white blouse and a dark skirt or pants and boys will need a white shirt and dark slacks, for the concert. You will need to bring your own bedding, an extra fitted twin sheet for a mattress, or sleeping bag, pillow, towels, soap, toothbrush and toothpaste. We also recommend that you bring warm clothing in the case of cool weather or rain, and a swimsuit, beach shoes and appropriate clothing for warm weather.

Band Camp Concert: The concert will be held on Saturday evening, June 25nd at 7:30 (Central Time). Everyone is invited.

Instructors Concert: A concert performed by the faculty is held at the Iron County Youth Camp on Thursday evening, June 23th, beginning at 7:30 pm (Central Time). Everyone is invited.

Camper Belongings Pick-up: All camper belongings are picked up on Saturday, June 25th between 1:30-5 pm. All campers are picked up and leave for home directly after the conclusion of the concert (approximately 9:30 PM) in West Iron County High School in Iron River.

Visitors During the Week: The schedule is a very full one and no time is set aside for visitors in camp unless they are parents of campers on business.