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Batawagama Youth Camp


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You can pay by credit card, debit card, or e-check using the link below.  Please do so by 2 weeks prior to your campers start date so we can order t-shirts.


1.  Click the button “Click here to pay” and then click on the drop down under ‘My Bills’ to choose what to pay for.

2.  Choose If your camper Is out-of-county or in-county.  Add to cart.

3.  Choose an optional t-shirt for your camper In adult sizes. (XS is comparable to youth medium.)  Add to cart.

4.  Chose an optional canteen book for your camper (used for canteen snacks, headband supplies, arts & crafts supplies).  Add to cart.

5.  Check out using a Credit Card, Debit Card, or E-Check.

Save time on the day of drop-off and have all payments taken care of.  No more standing in line.

Meet your 2022 Camp Batawagama Staff

Contact US

909 Pentoga Trail
Crystal Falls, MI 49920

Phone: (906) 265-4476


  • Counselors: Back - Carolyn, Lily, Elle, Julia, Marli, Piper, Olivia, Alina, Front - Kurtis, Miles, Nathan, Porter, Ryan

COVID-19 Update

June 6, 2022

Camp BATAWAGAMA is requiring all campers to come to registration with proof of a negative COVID test within 72 hours of their check in time to camp. Campers cannot come to camp with an at home test, they must come with a diagnostic PCR or diagnostic Rapid Test.  Diagnostic test needs to be given by a trained professional.

Upper Great Lakes Family Health Center provides Diagnostic COVID tests in Iron River, Michigan. Walgreens also offers free diagnostic tests. To find other COVID testing sites near you, CLICK HERE.

** Camp is not requiring campers to be vaccinated before coming to camp – However, they do need to bring proof of a negative diagnostic COVID test to registration. 
MASKS: We are no longer requiring campers bring masks with them when they come to camp.**

Batawagama Update

May 26, 2022

What you need to know if you want to spend a week at Camp Batawagama this summer.
We have openings for both boys and girls 10-16 years of age for most of the six weeks at this time.

Week 1: June 19 – 25

Week 2: June 26 – July 2

Week 3: July 3 – July 9

Week 4: July 10 – 16

Week 5: July 17 – 23

Week 6: July 24 – 30

1. To request a registration form for the Iron County Youth Camp email: Include your home mailing address and the number of forms you are requesting.

2. Complete the Camper Registration form and mail to:
Iron County Youth Camp
909 Pentoga Trail
Crystal Falls, MI. 49920

3. Payments for a week at camp can be made one of the four ways.

A. Payment can be made by Credit Card/Debit Card/E-check before June 19th using the link on this website.
B. Payment can be made by Credit Card/Debit Card/E-check when you arrive at camp.
C. Payment can be made by Personal Check when you arrive at camp.
D. Payment can be made by Cash when you arrive at camp.

4. Non-Resident of Iron County will pay $310 per week camper fee.

5. Resident of Iron County will pay $130 per week camper fee.

6. An additional $15 will be charged for an optional Canteen Book.

7. An additional $12 will be charged for an optional 2022 Camper T-shirt. XS-XL Adults sizes only. (XS is comparable to a youth medium.)

Sunday Camper Arrival Times

(Central Time)

Camper’s Age Group (10-11)…………..2 pm
Camper’s Age Group (12-13)…………..3 pm
Camper’s Age Group (14-16)…………..4 pm
Families with multiple age groups…..4 pm

Saturday Camper Pick-up Times

(Central Time)

Camper’s Age Group (10-11)…………..10 am
Camper’s Age Group (12-13)……………….10:30 am
Camper’s Age Group (14-16)…………..11 am
Families with multiple age groups…..11 am

What’s New at Batawagama?

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This has been a busy time at Batawagama.  The snow is finally melting, and the weather is warming up.  We are now able to resume with some of our Springtime projects.  During the past two weeks L&H Utility Contractors from Aura, Wisconsin finished boring a new waterline for Camp.  This waterline extends 1200 feet underground from the Stambaugh’s Main Waterline at Pentoga Park to the center of Camp.  It replaces the original waterline that was put in by the CCC in 1940.  We are very thankful to Iron County’s Committee (ARPA) American Rescue Plan Act, who awarded the Camp this Federal Grant and made it possible to complete the waterline project.

A Week at Youth Camp

Special Thanks!

Thank you! Citizens of Iron County for your continued and amazing support for the Iron County Youth Camp and for your patience and understanding over the past two Covid cancelling years. Thank you! Friends of Camp Batawagama for supporting and funding many projects at the Youth Camp during the past twenty-five years and for your generous contributions to the building of the new C- Latrine through your sponsored Go-Fund-Me Winter Fundraiser. Thank You! Dickinson Area Community Foundation and the Forest Park Student Advisory Board for grants in 2022, which enabled the camp to purchase four more deluxe Woodmaster wood burners. Thank you! 

Counselor Auggie Barthelt works with his young campers using the Burn Masters to help them design and make their own wood-burned picture frames.

75 Years and Counting

Camp Batawagama for four generations has been offering an unique experience for campers young and young at heart. Camp Batawagama is nestled in the woods on the shores of Indian Lake, located in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. It is a welcoming escape from the busy electronic age we find ourselves living in today. Camp Batawagama was established in 1945 by two Iron County educators who were committed to creating an outdoor education experience for young people; a place they could come to learn camping skills and how to work together all while sharing an appreciation for the wilderness. Camp Batawagama continues today to provide a safe and wholesome environment surrounded by nature with a sound and moral philosophy of fairness and respect for one another. This summer camping for many is the adventure of a life-time.