Youth Camp 2022 Schedule

Batawagama Youth Camp is scheduled to begin June 19th and continue on a weekly schedule for six consecutive weeks. During these weeks campers will enjoy the many outdoor activities and traditional programs that have been so popular for more than 76 years.

Week 1: June 19 – 25

Week 2: June 26 – July 2

Week 3: July 3 – July 9

Week 4: July 10 – 16

Week 5: July 17 – 23

Week 6: July 24 – 30

How to Register for Youth Camp

Get your Registration Forms for 2022 by writing:

Iron County Youth Camp
909 Pentoga Trail
Crystal Falls, MI 49920

or Phone: 906-265-4476
or Email:

Forms may be requested at any time after January 1st for the 2022 Youth Camp. Forms will be mailed to all those who have requested them prior to March 1st on March 1st. All forms requested after March 1st will be mailed immediately after the request has been received at the camp office.

All application forms or additional information can be obtained by contacting: 906-265-4476 or by emailing:

Youth Camp Cost

The total weekly charge for a camper who has been a PERMANENT RESIDENT of Iron County for at least one year prior to their week at camp is $130 per week.

The total weekly charge for a camper who is a NON – RESIDENT of Iron County is $310 per week.


All youth camp staff and employee’s will be fully vaccinated and undergo weekly testing.

Camper Requirements for all Batawagama Campers:

— Campers must come to the check-in with proof of a negative covid test. Valid tests that campers can show as proof are stated below:

1. Diagnostic lab test (PCR)
2. Rapid diagnostic test

​** Camp will not accept at-home tests.
** Tests must be taken within 72 hours of arriving at camp.
** Check with your local health dept. to find out where your child can get tested.

Youth Camp Important Information

Help us accommodate your choice by returning all registration forms as soon as possible. If space permits, campers may choose to attend no more the two weeks. Applications will be processed on a first received basis. Confirmations for all applications received before April 15th will be mailed to the applicants before May 1st.

Any child regardless of race, sex, color, creed, or national origin AT LEAST 10 YEARS OF AGE AND LESS THEN 17 YEARS OF AGE, DURING ENTIRE STAY AT CAMP, IS ELIGIBLE FOR ENROLLMENT.

The Iron County Youth Camp faculty and staff are not trained to care for special needs campers. Please contact the camp administration before enrolling children with learning disabilities, behavioral problems, or significant physical limitations. If you have any question please contact the Youth Camp Administration prior to enrolling in camp.

CAMPER EXPECTATIONS Campers and parents are expected to accept and conform to all regulations of the Iron County Youth Camp and must sign the pledge on the application form.

1. If you wish to attend camp with a friend, please SEND YOUR APPLICATIONS IN TOGETHER.

2. Be sure that you and your friend have the SAME FIRST AND SECOND CHOICES, for each week or weeks of attendance, on the application and applications are sent in together.

3. Large groups of campers may not be able to be assigned to the same cabin. Every effort will be made to assign friends to the SAME WEEK.

4. When sending your registration form back make sure to place a 1st class stamp, and write your return address, on the return post card attached to the registration form. Do not tear the post card from the form. This returned post card will be your confirmation.

5. Campers are not allowed to stay in camp during the weekend period (Saturday 1:00PM to Sunday 3:00PM.)

6. Campers should send the completed health form with their registration form (health form is supplied with registration materials). A parent or guardian must sign the health form and the registration form. The health form does NOT require a current physical examination or a physician’s signature.

7. We suggest that campers bring a sleeping bag for overnights rated for 35 degrees, bedding for their bunk in the cabin, at least one sheet to put over the rubberized mattress provided on their bunk and an extra pair of shoes for hiking. If possible please bring an extra pair of shoes for the water. It is advisable to bring long pants, long socks, and a long sleeve shirt. Tick and/or insect repellent may also be desirable.

8. Campers are NOT permitted to have radios, cellular phones, CD players, Ipods, electronic games, knives or similar weapons etc….of any kind in camp. Campers are permitted to have a disposable camera. Please do not send food, candy, gum, pop, etc…food items mailed to camp will be held in the office until campers leave to go home.

* Please do not bring to camp large quantities of food, candy, etc. Food or candy items in the cabins invites unwanted critters. The camp provides three complete, wholesome meals to all campers each day.

9. Registration times and procedures will be announced by March, 1st. In case of cancellation, please call camp (906-265-4476) as early as possible.

10. Fees:

1. Children who are PERMANENT RESIDENTS of Iron County for at least one year (prior to their 2022 enrollment in camp) pay in – county rates.

2. Children will pay in-county rates if the child has a parent who is a PERMANENT RESIDENT of Iron County who has court-ordered custody of the said child for the 2022 summer. A COPY OF THE COURT-ORDERED CUSTODY DOCUMENT MUST ACCOMPANY THE REGISTRATION FORM.

11. Help us to accommodate your choice by returning your application as soon possible.


General Information

Some of the activities you may expect to enjoy while while at camp are swimming, canoeing, boating, kayaking, wind surfing, archery, nature study, hiking, arts and crafts, overnight camping, out-of-doors cooking, folk dancing, and camp crafts.

Prescription and over the counter medications must be in original containers (in zip lock bag with camper’s name on containers and zip lock bag). Epi-pens and in-halers must have prescriptions with them. Send only the number of pills that are needed for the amount of time while your child is at camp.

Registration will begin at 3:00PM on Sunday (Central Time).
Please do not arrive before 2:00PM (Central Time).
No animals/pets are allowed on camp grounds. Animals or pets during registrations must remain in vehicles.
Campers picked up time and procedure will be announced at a later date. Campers are not permitted in camp during the weekend period (Saturday 1:00PM to Sunday 2:00PM)

Please Do Not Mail: Food, Candy, Pop, Gum, Cookies, ect…to camp.

The Youth Camp Health Form must be completed, in full, for each child attending camp. This form, which is provided by the Iron County Youth Camp, must be completed and signed by a parent or guardian. Send this form in with your registration.